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Hi, I'm Diana Nguyen!

From a very young age, I loved everything Angels. I considered them to be a universal symbol of love and hope. I started to draw my playful angel characters along with inspirational words for each of my drawings days after the event of 9/11, as a means to use creativity to cope with a heart-broken world. At that time, my goal was to create an activity book for parents to teach children the importance of love and intentional kindness. Unfortunately, I was never able to publish my work back then, but I kept faith that one day I would be able to bring my characters to life. In 2020, when the world went into shut down because of the coronavirus, I started to draw my angel characters again in order to pass the time and bring some light and joy into an otherwise tough period. My mom and my little dog, Cupid, are also featured in some of the illustrations and writings because when they both passed away, they became my own special guardian angels. I was inspired to launch Angels & Friends due to strong enthusiasm and encouragement from my family and friends. Today, Angels & Friends include children’s books, greeting cards, calendars, and a variety of custom illustrated gifts for any occasion. I am so very thankful to be able to present Angels & Friends to you after so many years and I hope that my products bring you, your family, and friends moments filled with positivity, love, hope, and kindness.

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